Busted! Don’t Believe These Direct Mail Marketing Myths!

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Direct mail marketing has gained a thorough amount of popularity and has taken roots in many business marketing plans. By using this tool of marketing, you can send customized direct mail to your existing and potential clients and help reinforce your brand using a personalized approach. However, with myths and misbeliefs looming over this form of marketing, many are dissuaded from making use of direct mail marketing techniques to help proliferate their business. To help you steer clear of these misconceptions and make use of direct mail marketing to increase your sales and strengthen your brand, HMF Printing has debunked some of the most widely believed myths about direct mail marketing. 

Myth 1: Printed content has no marketing yield.

Despite the fact that digital marketing is skyrocketing in popularity, people continue to enjoy reading printed content. And in many industries, direct mail marketing is still extremely popular as well (think retail, auto dealerships, and fundraising). In fact, thanks to low costs, direct mail marketing yields on average a 13-to-1 return on investment. That’s largely due to the fact that direct mail feels more personal than other forms of communication - thereby allowing you to not only personalize your message but also specially target who you send your piece to.

Myth 2: Printed letters are impersonal.

Many people are quick to assume that a printed letter will always be less personal than, say, a handwritten letter, but that’s simply not the case. Variable Data Printing (VDP) allows you to easily customize your message for each individual recipient. The resulting product is certainly more personal than a spammy email blast. Rather than a one-message-fits-all TV or radio spot, VDP allows people to carefully craft their message to be specific to the recipient. Additionally, you can also design a beautiful background image or graphic to take the personalization one step further.

Myth 3: Printing is harmful to the environment.

This was a very popular myth years ago, but many people still seem to think this way. The fact is, all paper materials can be recycled and used again, unlike many other materials. For example, recyclable paper can even be made into more paper. Plus, the majority of your commercial based paper has a recycled component. Also, most inks used on commercial presses are SOY based inks. That makes them much more environmentally friendly. Ultimately, the development of recycling technology has greatly decreased the carbon footprint of the overall paper manufacturing process.

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